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Qualities of a servant of God

You spend a great deal of time to acquire some material object or other. How much time do you devote to thoughts of God? You shed tears profusely to experience a pleasure related to the senses.

Do you shed a single tear for experiencing God? How then can you realise God?

Today devotion has become a mass-produced manufactured product. But are the devotees practicing what they profess? Without practice, can the fruits of devotion be realised?

Holy Scriptures clearly describe the qualities of a true devotee.

The primary virtue is absence of hatred towards any living thing: Cultivate Universal Love.

Avoid causing harm to others. Do not speak ill of any one.

Give up pride and egoism. Cultivate purity of thought, speech and action. Spirituality is not separate from other aspects of life. Spirituality permeates everything.

Your mind, destiny, position, and wealth, are gifts of God. You must use it to develop the qualities of equality, solidarity, integrity, and amity. But people today have changed their mind into a wicked mind.

It is your mind that makes you a good or bad person. Improper use of mind will make you egoistic. Modern youth and students aspire for wealth, friendship, and high position but not virtues, and indulge in ostentation.

Modern youth and students waste their time in bad company, bad thoughts, and bad behavior. Brass and gold, both look alike. But a vessel of brass makes much more noise than one made of gold. Modern youth and students should not indulge in showmanship and tall talk.

Always talk sweetly and softly, with humility. You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly. Always talk lovingly and respectfully, and conduct yourself fittingly as an ideal devotee, an ideal human.

ôSome have said, "No one will enter Paradise except Jews or Christians!"
Such is their wishful thinking.
Say, "Show us your proof, if you are right."

Al Qur'an 2:111