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Purity of heart

Do not feel proud about your cleverness or intelligence or about your ability to win laurels in studies.

Good character and righteous thinking are more valuable than wealth, scholastic achievements, power or intellectual abilities.

Utilise your intelligence and thoughts for achieving bliss which comes from leading a life of righteousness and goodness.

Let your life be dedicated to ideals. The Lord is secured and bound only by the intensity of your devotion. The stream of true devotion must flow from your heart.

Everything that is associated with Divinity has its origin in the heart. Hence the heart should be emptied of all evil and kept pure and unsullied by right action. It may not be possible to escape the consequences of one's good and bad actions. But even a mountain of sin can be wiped out by winning the grace of the Divine.

Hence one should strive to earn the love of God, which is all-embracing and all-powerful.

"The other messengers of God had their miracles,
mine is the Qur'an and will remain forever".

Prophet Muhammad