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The Inner Reality of the Qur'an

At some point the seeker realizes that the actual Qur'an is not simply what rolls of our tongues when we recite. In the heavenly realm, those external words appear as living proofs of God. The celestial meanings of the Qur'an are not fully perceived but by those it is bound to: the Prophet (s) and his Holy Family (a).

To seek comprehension of these meanings, which would crush mountains if sent down on them, requires the aid of the Divine Master. He is the one who can help us perceive the inner meanings which enable the heart to enter the stage of liberation. Amongst the preparations for this stage are recitation of Qur'an, meditation on its meanings, and acting on its content.

Presence during ritual prayer is an important step towards perfecting the heart, and it plays a crucial role in eliminating the snares and delusions that reside in it. One doesn't succeed here but by constant practice, struggle, and self-denial in thought, will, and desire. One must struggle to the point that his intellect is completely submitted to the Divine will.

Gaining mastery over stray thoughts is one of the most challenging matters in the perfection of the soul because these delusions multiply in the heart without limit. Driving delusions away is difficult once they have dominated the heart, and they cause the worshipper to give in to the corrupt self. The will follows suit, and finally the body joins in and turns the delusion into action without a thought. This is one of the paths of the worshipper's undoing, and he should pay close attention to avoid it

Calling people to God is one of the affairs of the Most High Himself. God said concerning His Prophet (s), {(He is) one who invites to Allah by His leave, and as a lamp spreading light}(33.46). If the summoner is not supported by God, his call will only be a nuisance to others.

The ability to affect people’s hearts is a gift from God, and it doesn’t depend much on mastering the rules of eloquence or striking certain poses.

This fact was expressed in the hadith, “You find a man whose words are flawless, who speaks so eloquently, yet his heart is darker than the darkest night, and you find a man who is incapable of putting his feelings into words, yet his heart is as radiant as a lamp”. So there is a secret to winning over people’s hearts!

"Have they not looked at the dominion of the heavens and the earth
and all the things God has created?
Does it ever occur to them that the end of their life may be near?
Which HADITH, besides this (Quran) do they believe in?"

Al Qur'an 7:185