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It is advised that desires must be gradually curtailed by everybody. As desires multiply attachment increases. This leads to more and more bondage. Bondage causes man to suffer in several ways. Where does bondage come from?

Your own desires create your bondage. Your sorrows are your bondage. Reduce your desires and you will be peaceful. You will not face any danger. It will give you peace. Therefore, it is rightly said, "Less luggage, more comfort."

Shun your vices, give up bad habits, develop virtues, cultivate good habits, take to right path and enjoy an ideal life. If you have both health and happiness, you need not acquire anything else. Money can always be earned, but what is really important is earning of virtues. Money without virtues is of no use, for, it is virtue that gives happiness in life and not money.

When you eat a banana, you have to first peel off the skin before you reach the sweet substance. To be received and accepted by God, the bitter skin of egoism and power-mania has first to be removed. Ignorance, illusion and pride are all components of the skin.

"Indeed, the book of the righteous will be in `Elleyyeen.
Do you know what `Elleyyeen is? A numerically structured book.
To be witnessed by those close to Me."

Al Qur'an 83:18-21